The appearance of the brick itself with its beauty requires visible underscore perfectly flat faces. What is needed to create a beautiful and spectacular brickwork?

It usually is used internal the pointing and create the effect of contrast between the face brick and suture.For a natural ceramic bricks experts recommend red facing brick laid on a white or black solution.

Black is the color of the solution is achieved by adding to it a mineral pigment — carbon black.

The basis, of course, is a cement-sand mortar. To obtain high-quality black solution, on a standard batch (1 bucket of cement to 3 buckets of sand) is added to approximately 500 grams of carbon black (soot). The exact proportion of carbon black in the solution is determined empirically. It should be remembered that an excessive amount of carbon black may lead to a decrease in the strength properties of mortar joint.

Preimushestvenno carbon compared with graphite and other pigments in Tom, that he exceptionally resistant to weathering, not "swimming", not "greasy" and is a good interacts with cement-sand mortar.